5 reasons to shop vintage

Vintage pieces are so unique and special

Ok let’s assume you are not already a vintage lover. You don’t know how to buy or look for vintage or you just don’t like to take the time out to search for something great at a vintage shop or thrift store. Well let me just tell you, you are missing out! Finding the perfect vintage piece will give you such a thrill, you will be like a kid at christmas when you tear open that present to realize it’s the one you’ve been wanting all year. You will feel so cool and special wearing something that no one else will have. It’s well worth the time spent scouring the racks.

Vintage is timeless

You don’t have to worry about if your piece is going to go out of style or if it is on trend. Vintage is ALWAYS in style and trendy. Dress your piece up or down, mix it with a new designer piece or a with a comfy tee or something from target! The possibilities are endless.

Vintage is usually very well made

You know the saying, “they just don’t make em like they used to,” that’s especially true of vintage clothing and accessories. You really will not find quality and workmanship in fast fashion like you would in a vintage find. If something is two or more decades old doesn’t that tell you it must be pretty durable? There are plenty of clothes that fall apart or fade after a couple of launderings. Take for instance some vintage Levi’s or a great 70’s maxi leather coat! The detailing and closures is like no other too. I just love vintage buttons!

Think of it as an investment piece

Let’s say you find something that is vintage Chanel or Dior; it may be a little pricey, but you can always re-sell it. Unlike a car, vintage designer pieces hold their value pretty well. I just love a great vintage gucci handbag. There will always be someone out there willing to take that vintage Louis Vuitton bag off your hands.

All fashion is copied and comes back in style

So just like I mentioned, vintage is timeless. I think it’s so funny how you read in the fashion magazines and blogs that a certain look is the hot trend of the season; like bell bottoms or seventies sunglasses, or the 90’s strappy kitten heeled sandal. It ALL COMES BACK. So why not find yourself some authentic vintage? Dig into your mom or grandma’s closet and find yourself the hot trendy piece without spending that hot trendy money. When you see the new “must have trend,” you can sit back and say, “eh, I already have that.”

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